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Who are We?

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Sean Casey-Poole
Founder & CEO
MARTS ACADEMY was founded in 2022 by Sean Casey-Poole.
Sean has been involved in darts for over 48 years and has played at both Club & County level.

He struggled with Maths at school until he started playing darts at the age of 9 and by the time he left his junior school aged 11 he was top of the class and his teacher even wrote in his school report "Who would have thought a pub game like darts could have such an effect on learning? well done Sean"

Well darts is no longer just a "pub game" but is played all over the World by players such as former professional rugby player & 2021 World Champion Gerwyn Price.

Sean has since concentrated on MC'ing & Refereeing and has appeared on Sky Sports, ITV and various other platforms for the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) at events such as The First ever World Cup of Darts, The World Matchplay, UK Open, Players Championships Finals and also the Championship League Darts.
Throughout the year he works on many Darts and other Sporting Events. 

He is the Academy Director for the Coventry Junior Darts Academy and was instrumental in bringing all of the JDC (Junior Darts Corporation) tours and events to Coventry in 2022.
He is the current JDC England Academies Darts Team Manager and his team reached the World Cup Final in 2022 narrowly losing 4-3. 
He is also the new Director of Operations for the JDC Globally.
He is a qualified Table Tennis England Coach, and has been coaching in schools for many years.

He is well aware of the junior/primary school education system and highly knowledgeable of the Key Stage 2 Maths curriculum which is what MARTS ACADEMY is based around as he has been a school governor in a primary school for over 10 years and worked very closely with the Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Teams on this.

Sean is passionate about practical learning and realised that the way forward in helping pupils have a better understanding of maths was to have them engage both physically and mentally using fun activities rather than just sitting there writing answers, and what better way to do this than to have fun with a dartboard? 

From Multiplication to Subtraction they can all be made easier by playing darts.

Dan Oyston
Maths & Education Lead

Dan’s love of darts and in particular the maths aspect began in 1999 when he attended an Eric Bristow exhibition.
The Referee didn’t turn up, so Dan, keen to show his mental arithmetic prowess learnt through playing darts, stepped up and called out the numbers for 16 games, not making one mistake!

Dan then began Refereeing for the Oxfordshire county team where he would call out the scores for the men and women all weekend in front of hundreds of people.

Dan has also scored for some of the greatest ever dart players in the world in exhibitions all over the country.

Dan completed his PGCE at Oxford Brookes University and his career in Primary education began, almost 16 years ago.
Dan is currently part of the Senior Leadership Team and Maths lead at a school in Nottingham as well as being a Senior Leader of Education across the trust. He has led in the introduction and successful implementation of The Maths Mastery approach within the school and works as part of a Teaching Research Group (TRG) with The East Midlands West Maths Hub.

Dan has taught all age groups in the Key Stage 2 phase and currently teaches a Year 4 group who just love Maths!

He continues to work with schools across Nottingham and Derby to improve the provision of Maths in schools and is passionate about the Maths Mastery approach which leaves no child behind. Dan has been using darts in his classes for years to teach Mental Arithmetic and is excited to support the Marts Academy as he knows the value Darts has to play within Maths. Game On!

Mart at school.jpg
Mart the Elephant our Mascot

Mart is the most popular member of our team and they love to interact with the children and will pay the school at least one visit

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