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Building a Lifetime of Maths Skills

What is Marts Academy?

We offer a Unique After School Club like no other
Incorporating Maths, Darts, Fluency & Mastery
Encouraging Children to have Fun, Be Active and Improve their Maths Skills
With games consoles and electronic gadgets becoming more and more popular this means many children miss out on playing together in the same room and physical exercise leading to a knock on effect of damaging their social skills.
MARTS ACADEMY Key Stage 2 is designed for all children in Years 3-6 aged 7-11, including PP, EAL and SEND and we encourage them to have fun, be active and work together in solving maths questions using whiteboards and playing darts.

We are passionate about raising aspirations for all abilities and darts is one of the few inclusive sports that can raise these aspirations and improve arithmetic through fluency skills whilst encouraging teamwork with an emphasis on having fun.
Every fun MARTS session is different, and each week links to the PSHE curriculum will be included as we prepare the children to become the best version of themselves that they can be.

We work with the children so they will become coaches to lead and encourage others during our sessions.
We base the sessions over a 35-39 week academic school year and concentrate on a different part of the maths curriculum each term. 
Our sessions will be taught using Fluency and the Mastery Structure i.e Mastery of the Dartboard

The sessions will also aid children in year 4 prepare for their statutory Multiplication check.
We will have a times table challenge of the week where children will be able to earn stickers and certificates saying how they have mastered maths through playing darts.
They have been put together by specialist maths leaders from within primary education.
We supply all of the equipment needed such as a stand with the dartboard on it, safety surround, whiteboard, markers, stickers, certificates and for safety we use soft tip darts.

The sessions are delivered by Fully Trained Marts Academy Coaches who all have an Enhanced DBS, and both Safeguarding & First Aid Training.
We do a weekly Risk Assessment that is available to view at any time.
Key Stage 3 & 4 plus University Technical College (UTC)
We are now pleased to offer an After School Club for KS3 & KS4 plus UTC.
Unlike Marts Academy KS2, this is not focussed on the national curriculum but is still designed to help with children's Maths skills and again based on them having Fun & Sharing PSHE Values.
Click on the Red Button for more details 
John Lowe MBE 3 X World Darts Champion
                       John endorses and supports Marts Academy and here's why
Did playing darts improve my mathematics? a big YES, you may ask why is that so?
Let me tell you, mathematics is a creative and highly interconnected discipline, it is essential to everyday life, and most forms of employment. I was once a carpenter and had to work out lots of measurements and knowing how to subtract and add numbers thanks to darts helped me greatly. Playing darts is really an unintentional way of learning maths, the two basic elements are addition and subtraction, if you are playing the normal start of 501 both elements are used until you require a possible finish, this is where the mental calculation takes over.
It will not come naturally to everyone, but the more you play, be it on your own or against a friend, you will be constantly using your ability to improve your maths, and of course your playing ability, the sport of darts is more than a game, it is a part of our National Curriculum and helped me become a 3 X Champion of the World and MBE.
Enjoy Marts Academy! John Lowe MBE
Our Mascot is an Elephant called Mart and each week we encourage the children to be "Smart like Mart" and give certificates and stickers to those that have worked hard to be like Mart.
Who knows your school may even have a visit from Mart our large costumed Elephant.
Did you know an Elephant has the Largest Brain of any land animal?
​Also Elephants have 3 Times as many Neurons than Humans.........Neurons are the Prime Units of the Brain and Nervous System.
​Our maximum class size of 15.
We are happy to Invoice the school on a weekly or term by term basis.
PP Funding is Welcomed.

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See what The One Show on BBC TV & Celebrity Joe Swash thinks of Marts Academy
Please note the copyright to the One Show is owned by the BBC and was made for them by Harbourside Films
Marts on the One Show

Marts on the One Show

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